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the storm of silence (version 1)

I never liked the original sculpt of Jain Zar - it seemed to be mostly hair, very top-heavy and not at all graceful (the face also looked like it belonged to a comedy witch). In contrast, Mark Gibbon's illustration of Jain Zar is one of my favourites, capturing all of the grace and balletic destruction that the character evokes. I therefore decided to use that image as the inspiration for my first conversion of the character, which required a lot of sculpting. Whilst I was pleased with the end result when I finished assembling this model back in 2017, I still felt that there was room for improvement. When a plastic version of Jain Zar was released in 2020, I decided to abandon this version and build a new one.

date: 2008 - 2017 (abandoned)
components: 1x Jain Zar, 2x Howling Banshees, 1x Space Marine Rhino side hull, plasticard, Green Stuff, paperclips, brass rod, brass strip (1/64" x 1/16"), 40mm round base

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Jain Zar by Mark Gibbons
1. This superb piece of artwork was the inspiration for this conversion.
Original illustration by Mark Gibbons, © Games Workshop.
Jain Zar conversion components
2. The component pieces of the conversion.
3. An early work-in-progress shot of the sculpting.
4. More of the sculpting is completed.
Re-sculpted Jain Zar head
5. A close-up of the re-sculpted face. I was fairly pleased with how it turned out, although it was a bit flat - I decided ultimately not to use it.
Converted Jain Zar head
6. Having decided against using the resculpted head, I instead chose to use a standard Banshee head and extend the hair; you can see the beginning of the sculpting needed to achieve this in this picture.
7. A work-in-progress shot of the conversion.
Jain Zar conversion
8. The conversion as viewed from the rear.
Jain Zar conversion
9. In keeping with the original artwork, I added flowing ribbons to the model. These are made from thin strips of brass, bent into shape with needle-nosed pliers and wrapped around the wrists.
Jain Zar conversion
10. A back view of the conversion, showing the ribbons.
Jain Zar conversion
11. With the exception of the tip of the hair and some minor detailing, the conversion is basically finished at this point.
Jain Zar conversion
12. A rear view of the conversion of Jain Zar on its scenic base, made from parts of a Rhino. The base was inspired by the original artwork, but it has been scaled down a bit and uses the modern Rhino chassis.
Jain Zar conversion
13. After a long hiatus, I've finally completed this conversion.
Jain Zar conversion
14. The Howling Banshee rune has been added to the long, flowing tabard.
Jain Zar conversion
15. Some sculpting was necessary to complete the hair.
Jain Zar conversion
16. Rear view of the completed conversion.
Jain Zar conversion
17. Side profile of the conversion.
Jain Zar conversion
18. The conversion has now been undercoated; almost 9 years after I first started building it!
Jain Zar conversion
19. Rear view of the undercoated model.

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