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Miniatures purchased:  0
Miniatures assembled & undercoated:  0
Miniatures painted & completed:   3

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Miniatures purchased:  4
Miniatures assembled & undercoated:  7
Miniatures painted & completed:   1


Welcome to my Eldar website, which showcases my collection of extensively converted Eldar miniatures for Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 tabletop wargame. In this site you'll find loads of pictures of my conversions as well as information on how they have been put together and other resources that you may find useful.

This is the homepage of the site; check here for information about updates to the site and other news. You can browse to the other parts of the site using the menu bar above.
Eldar Wraithblade rune
First Wraithblade painted - 11/05/18
I've continued to work on painting my models and I've now finished painting my first Wraithblade, armed with ghostswords. This is the first Wraith construct that I've painted in my Mymeara colours and this will inform the colour schemes for the other Wraith models in my collection. I also tried a NMM (non-metallic metal) painting technique for the swords, which has turned out better than I'd expected. This will also be used elsewhere on witchblades, ghostglaives and the like.

Work on the Skathach Wraithknight continues; it is nearly complete now.

There is also a small update to the runes & symbols guide, with a few new runes added.
Eldar Shadow Spectre rune
Shadow Spectre Exarch painted - 24/04/18
I recently finished painting my Shadow Spectre Exarch, armed with a Prism Blaster. I have also added the colur scheme as a PDF download, available via a link on the same page. I have four standard Shadow Spectres left to paint now, but I'm taking a break from painting the remainder of the squad in order to focus on some other models.
Jedi symbol
Something a little different - 11/02/18
I've been taking a break from my Eldar recently and have instead been working on a lightsaber replica. I bought the main hilt for it over 15 years ago and it's been languishing on a shelf or in a box for most of that time. I've now completed it and thought I'd add it to the site in case anyone found it particularly interesting. It was a nice change from my usual work, but I'll be back with an update on my Skathach Wraithknight again soon.
Eldar Shadow Spectre rune
Irillyth painted & Harlequin update - 11/01/18
I've finally finished assembling and undercoating all of my Harlequin models! I have re-arranged the project pages as well to better reflect the unit compositions. In total, I have one Solitaire, three Troupe Masters, three Shadowseers, three Death Jesters and three full troupes of twelve players, each armed with a variety of weapons. These are the Troupes of Light, Dark and Twilight. I'm toying with various colour scheme ideas, how best to distinguish the troupes and what Masque these Harlequins will belong to. I may decide to add some vehicles in future, but I'm in no hurry to do so as of yet.

In 2017 I only purchased a few models (but quite a lot of bits for my Harlequins, among other things). One of these was a Skathach Wraighknight with Deathshroud Cannons. Rather than building an entire Wraithknight from scratch again, I've opted to make the upper body of my existing Wraithknight removable. I am currently assembling the torso of the Skathach, along with magnetised arms with the Deathshroud Cannons. At some later date I may decide to add Inferno Cannons as well to cover all of the wargear options.

After a long break from painting, I picked up my brushes again and completed my second Shadow Spectre in November 2017. I was pleased that I was able to recreate the pale grey of the armour on the first model and I've mixed up enough to (hopefully) finish the rest of the squad now. The other models have been progressed but aren't yet finished, with the exception of Irillyth; my first fully painted Phoenix Lord, whom I finished painting in early January 2018.
Eldar Ynnead rune
A review of Fracture of Biel-Tan - 23/05/17
Having had a few weeks to read and digest the universe-altering events of Fracture of Biel-Tan, I felt compelled to write a review (contains spoilers).
Eldar Eldrad Ulthran rune
Updates to a few projects - 13/05/17
With spring finally here, I was able to get a few things undercoated recently, which was very satisfying. The Panther, my three Wave Serpents, Fuegan, Jain Zar and Eldrad Ulthran are now ready to be painted. There are some minor updates to the Wraithknight and Lynx and I've updated my guide to magnetising Eldar vehicles too. I have also purchased some empty paint pots so that I can pre-mix the shades that I need to complete my Shadow Spectres, which will hopefully speed things up and keep the colours consistent across the squad (once I've matched them with the test model that I've already completed).
Eldar Wraithknight rune
New website design - 16/02/17
I've updated the design of the website; hopefully it looks a bit more modern now and is easier to read. If you notice any problems, please e-mail me. I've just received my copy of Fracture of Biel-Tan; I still don't intend on getting any of the models (unless I can pick up a Gyrinx or two), but I am interested to read the background that has been written for this significant change in the Eldar narrative. I hope that you enjoy the new site design - more content will be forthcoming; I am working on a few bits and pieces at the moment and I hope to do some painting this year, having failed to paint anything at all in 2016!
Eldar Ynnead rune
The (End) Times, they are a changin' - 25/01/17
A lot of noteworthy things are changing at GW these days. In recent months they have finally started to embrace the digital age and started reconnecting with customers. They're teasing upcoming products, producing excellent painting tutorial videos, asking players for feedback on FAQs, releasing boxed sets with genuine (often substantial) discounts on the contents, and they have built a new community site too. It is a very, very welcome change in attitude and direction. They are also producing miniatures and content at a phenomenal rate and releasing oft-requested fan-favourites like Genestealer Cults, Deathwatch, Legio Custodes and Sisters of Silence. And what do you know; they're reaping the financial benefits that come with these things. It's heartening to see and I am very impressed with just how much work they've put into this, after years of stubbornly doubling-down and ignoring growing dissatisfaction from their fanbase.

Eldar players are now digesting the reveal of a trio of new miniatures, which look set to herald the arrival of Ynnead in some form or another and some kind of unified Eldar aesthetic. We're also getting a new name - "Aeldari", though the original "Eldar" name is still going to exist as well.

Personally, I view these narrative, aesthetic (and let's be honest, legal) changes with a bit of trepidation. I am a traditionalist (sorry, whiner, according to Robbie MacNiven) and maybe I'm just resistant to change. I can understand GW's desire to progress the background of WH40K in order to tell new stories and sell new models. I am more concerned that in a short space of time (both in the real world, and in the 40K universe) we are going to see a huge amount of stuff happen, without lingering on any of it long enough for its impact to sink in. The rise of Ynnead has been hinted at and teased for years in the Eldar background, but now Eldrad's jumped the gun, messed up and splintered the nascent god into fragments that GW can sell and players can put on their tabletops. Are we getting too much, too quickly? Major, universe-shaping events are being piled on, thick and fast. In some cases, the narrative makes no sense - Eldrad stole Crystal Seers, attempted to drain every single Craftworld infinity circuit and failed to foresee a Deathwatch incursion that ultimately ruined his (totally barmy) plan - but all of this was just described in the fluff surrounding a set of campaign missions for the Death Masque boxed game. I'm presuming it will have no effect in the game or the rules, besides acting as the narrative driving force for the arrival of Ynnead - even though this could have had massive repercussions for every Craftworld across the galaxy and should have major repercussions for Eldrad, whose actions are plainly insane. Maybe The Fracture of Biel-Tan will prove me wrong on this, but that remains to be seen.

The new models are beautifully designed and are a substantial technical achievement. The Yncarne (the Avatar of Ynnead) wouldn't be possible without advanced CAD and it is an incredibly detailed model. Except, I don't like it. The majority of collectors will never be able to do the model justice; it will live and die on its painting, requiring blending and colour transitions that most of us will never manage. Compared to even the dated Avatar of Khaine, it's a small model for the physical incarnation of a god and if you take away the swirling soul effects, the design seems a bit lacking. The Visarch is a decent model, but primarily based on Dark Eldar designs (specifically an Incubi) with only token nods to Craftworld symbolism. Yvraine also appears to be primarily Dark Eldar in influence; the headdress is absurd and the enormous bustle is a bizarre choice. I do really like the Gyrinx though. In short, whilst all three models are very distinctive, I have no love for them. After waiting years for new plastic jetbikes and Wraithguard to finally arrive, it seems we have to continue to wait to see replacements for the (many) dated sculpts lingering in the Eldar range. Obviously Eldrad's redesign was a notable (very welcome) exception, so maybe these other models (The Phoenix Lords, the Avatar, Warlocks, Warp Spiders, Shining Spears and Swooping Hawks) are just waiting in the wings. Games Workshop's commitment to plastic (and the associated expense of producing the moulds) does make me worried that some of these models will never see the light of day and could even be written out of the background to save the expense of having to produce replacements. If these End Times events include a treatment of the Rhana Dandra, the Phoenix Lords would all die, for instance.

The concept of shaking up the existing narrative, unifying races and coining/copyrighting/trademarking new names for existing races all seems very familiar. This might not necessarily be heralding an "Age of Sigmar"-esque shake-up/reinvention of WH40K, but it's easy to draw the parallels. The success of the Horus Heresy (i.e. WH30K) range and the huge gaps in the existing timeline shows that there is ample opportunity to tell new stories in the WH40K universe without having to tear things up and rush towards an endgame all of a sudden. I don't know what the future holds, but for now I'll be concentrating on my beloved Craftworld Mymeara Eldar, circa 999.M41.

After all that rambling, there's also an update to the runes & symbols guide.
Eldrad Ulthran rune
Introducing the Eldar Panther - 19/01/17
I'd hope to have this model undercoated before I added it to the site, but with cold, damp weather now prevalent this seems unlikely to happen for some time. So without further ado, I present the Eldar Panther; a kitbash of a Lynx and a Falcon. It doesn't have any rules at the moment as it's more of a modelling project than anything. For such a deceptively simple conversion, it took a lot of work, though it was actually completed several months ago. I hope that you like it - I'm happy with how it's turned out and I hope to have it (and a whole load more models) undercoated once the weather improves in the spring. I've yet to decide on a design for its rune.

I've also assembled the new, plastic Eldrad Ulthran, which is a fantastic model. I've been working on my Harlequins too; the Solitaire has been assembled with some minor conversion work and more models are in the process of being constructed.

On a personal note, the arrival of our second child has naturally reduced my free time (and is part of the reason I didn't manage to paint a single model in 2016), so site updates will be less frequent for the time being. I will continue to work on my collection when I get the chance and I have a large update planned for the runes & symbols guide as well.
Wraithknight rune
New Wraithknight photos - 07/09/16
Just a minor update today; I've added some photos of my Wraithknight with the various available weapon options, now that it has been undercoated. I'm hoping to get some more models undercoated before autumn properly arrives, including the kitbash project that I alluded to previously. I've also assembled the new Eldrad miniature and a Harlequin Solitaire; I'll add pictures of both in due course.
Prince Yriel rune
Fuegan and lots of undercoating - 17/08/16
I've decided to abandon my conversion of Eldrad Ulthran, now that a new plastic kit has arrived (which is very exciting!). I've also finished my conversion of Fuegan. I'd attempted a conversion before but ultimately wasn't happy with it so started again from scratch. Also, with some excellent weather a few weeks ago I was finally able to undercoat a large number of models. Some of these had been waiting several months, so I'm really pleased to have these ready to paint now.

These are some of the models that I've undercoated - I've uploaded new pictures for them as well:
I've also undercoated thirty Guardian Defenders, two Heavy Weapon Platforms and a Support Weapon crewman, but I haven't had time to photograph these yet! In other news, I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of Jes Goodwin's Eldar Sketchbook recently:
Eldar sketchbook
This is a fantastic resource and I will be poring over it for further inspiration for some time to come, I'm sure. I'd urge all Eldar collectors to head down to their local store on its anniversary to get a copy. It is not comprehensive (no Dark Eldar, Harlequins, Titans, Warp Spiders, Shining Spears or Battlefleet Gothic ships, to name a few omissions). But there is still a lot of stuff in there and it is well worth the 30 asking price.
Eldar Wave Serpent rune
Large site update - 27/05/16
After several months of occasional attention, I have finally finished assembling my three Wave Serpents. These required a lot of gap-filling, especially around the resin components. I'm very pleased to have these done at last!

I've made progress on a number of other things as well. I decided to complete the turret from my abandoned Eagle as a standalone turret for a Farseer Falcon; this is now ready to be painted. Another abandoned project for an alternative design of Night Spinner turret has also been completed and I now intend to paint this at some point as well. Before the updated, combined plastic Fire Prism/Night Spinner turret was released a few years back, I had planned to make some Fire Prisms turrets using the Type II Falcon upgrade kits from Forge World. I still really like the classic Fire Prism turret design, so I decided to make one of these for a further bit of variety in my collection.

I've added photos of a selection of my 30 Guardian Defenders, which are waiting to be undercoated. I've also added a new Autarch and Prince Yriel to my collection. The flying base for the Pegasus is nearly complete and the scenic base for my Wraithsinger is ready for undercoating.

Lastly, I'm currently working on a kitbash project that I'd been mulling for a few years; this will probably serve as the last major modelling project for the collection (until I think of something else, of course....). It will be added to the site in the fullness of time - watch this space.
Eldar Avatar rune
Brief update - 23/02/16
I have been steadily working on assembling three Wave Serpents, having acquired the (now extremely rare) Forge World Type II conversion kits necessary to assemble them to my liking. Unfortunately, progressing work on my Eldar collection has had to take a necessary backseat recently due to work and family commitments. This is likely to mean that there won't be many updates on the site over the next few months, though I will be able to respond to comments and e-mails. I'm still very keen to get the Pegasus painted in 2016 and to assemble the last remaining models awaiting my attention, but this will have to wait for the time being.

I'm now entering the "final" stages of assembling and undercoating my collection. I have 30 Guardians (not yet added to the site), 10 Jetbikes and a Phoenix Lord (Jain Zar) that are awaiting undercoating. In terms of remaining models needing assembly, I have some Harlequins, an Autarch, a Crimson Hunter (this will be magnetised so it can be fielded as an Exarch as well), Prince Yriel, Eldrad Ulthran and a conversion of Fuegan to complete. That's then basically my entire collection ready for painting (in theory). Sounds simple enough! I'm sure I'll continue to add the occasional new model, but it will be nice to have finally reached a stage where I've cleared my backlog of partially-assembled kits and can focus more on painting. I also have some vague ideas about sculpting some unique models from scratch, but that's a bit of a pipedream right now!
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