2018 stats:

Miniatures purchased:  3
Miniatures assembled & undercoated:  26
Miniatures painted & completed:   4

2017 stats:

Miniatures purchased:  4
Miniatures assembled & undercoated:  7
Miniatures painted & completed:   1


Welcome to my Eldar website, which showcases my collection of extensively converted Eldar miniatures for Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 tabletop wargame. In this site you'll find loads of pictures of my conversions as well as information on how they have been put together and other resources that you may find useful.

This is the homepage of the site; check here for information about updates to the site and other news. You can browse to the other parts of the site using the menu bar above.
Eldar Farseer rune
Gyrinx conversion completed - 04/11/18
The second of my three Gyrinxes has been completed. This one has been quite extensively converted and is now lying down. It required a lot of fiddly assembly work and some sculpting, but I'm very happy with the end result.
Eldar Spiritseer rune
New Warlock conversion added - 16/10/18
The Pegasus is still being painted (and will be for some time yet). I've also been working on a new Warlock conversion, using plastic components from a couple of different kits and assembled the first of three Gyrinxes (the other two will be converted so that they are in new poses). I've purchased the new Spiritseer from the "Wake the Dead" boxed set, which I'll build soon.
Eldar Bonesinger rune
Bonesinger conversion painted - 27/09/18
Painting the Pegasus was always going to take a while and I recently found myself itching to paint something else instead - my female Bonesinger conversion. It's now finished and it's definitely one of the most challenging models I've painted to date. I'm pleased with the result, though the finish isn't quite perfect in some areas due to some issues with the application of the Corax White spray undercoat. I don't have many models left to assemble and undercoat at this point, but nevertheless I have fortunately been able to secure a couple of cans of the sadly discontinued (and vastly superior) Skull White spray. Corax White is just the worst (and it's not white, either).
Eldar Fire Dragon Exarch rune
Various updates - 16/09/18
Whilst I continue to (slowly) paint the Pegasus, I am also working on a few other small projects. I finally completed some minor sculpting work on my third Fire Dragon Exarch, several years after I first assembled it. It's also been undercoated. I've also picked up my Orc Boss model, which has received some attention. It is intended to be a display piece with a lavish paintjob and display plinth. I am considering it a test of my skills and a means to improve my painting techniques.

The Skathach Wraithknight inches towards completion. I only need to put the finishing touches on the removable breastplate; unfortunately this is proving to be quite challenging and more than a little frustrating, so I'm putting it to one side for a while. I have managed to undercoat some of the completed components though, as well as my second Bonesinger model.
Eldar Pegasus rune
Pegasus painting update - 19/08/18
The painting of the Pegasus continues - I have completed some more components and have started work on the interior. Once the interior is complete (which I suspect might take a while), I can glue the roof in place and blend it into the upper hull. After that, I can move onto painting the exterior.

I have also finally managed to purchase a set of large, customised MDF bases for my larger models, including the Pegasus. These bases will make larger models like the Scorpion and Panther look more imposing and provide a larger area for adding detailed scenery.
Eldar Fire Dragon rune
Fire Dragon paint scheme updated - 06/08/18
I finished painting my first Fire Dragon back in 2014, but I was never totally satisfied with the result. After some head-scratching, I identified some issues with the paint scheme that I'd used and decided to revisit the model and try to improve it. I am now much happier with the result and the quality of the paintjob matches my other models. I have added a download of the paint scheme to the project page as well and I look forward to applying it to the other models in the squad at some point.
Eldar Bonesinger rune
New Bonesinger conversion added - 12/07/18
I've added a second Bonesinger to my collection, which has been converted from a rare Farseer model. In other news, my Harlequins are now all undercoated and ready for painting and I've made some progress on painting some parts of the Pegasus. I'm also changing how I base my larger models - the Lynx, Panther, Scorpion and Pegasus will all have substantially larger bases than the standard ones that are available from Games Workshop. These will be produced in MDF and will make the models more imposing, as well as providing a larger area to add scenery and detail.
Eldar Wraithblade rune
First Wraithblade painted - 11/05/18
I've continued to work on painting my models and I've now finished painting my first Wraithblade, armed with ghostswords. This is the first Wraith construct that I've painted in my Mymeara colours and this will inform the colour schemes for the other Wraith models in my collection. I also tried a NMM (non-metallic metal) painting technique for the swords, which has turned out better than I'd expected. This will also be used elsewhere on witchblades, ghostglaives and the like.

Work on the Skathach Wraithknight continues; it is nearly complete now.

There is also a small update to the runes & symbols guide, with a few new runes added.
Eldar Shadow Spectre rune
Shadow Spectre Exarch painted - 24/04/18
I recently finished painting my Shadow Spectre Exarch, armed with a Prism Blaster. I have also added the colur scheme as a PDF download, available via a link on the same page. I have four standard Shadow Spectres left to paint now, but I'm taking a break from painting the remainder of the squad in order to focus on some other models.
Jedi symbol
Something a little different - 11/02/18
I've been taking a break from my Eldar recently and have instead been working on a lightsaber replica. I bought the main hilt for it over 15 years ago and it's been languishing on a shelf or in a box for most of that time. I've now completed it and thought I'd add it to the site in case anyone found it particularly interesting. It was a nice change from my usual work, but I'll be back with an update on my Skathach Wraithknight again soon.
Eldar Shadow Spectre rune
Irillyth painted & Harlequin update - 11/01/18
I've finally finished assembling and undercoating all of my Harlequin models! I have re-arranged the project pages as well to better reflect the unit compositions. In total, I have one Solitaire, three Troupe Masters, three Shadowseers, three Death Jesters and three full troupes of twelve players, each armed with a variety of weapons. These are the Troupes of Light, Dark and Twilight. I'm toying with various colour scheme ideas, how best to distinguish the troupes and what Masque these Harlequins will belong to. I may decide to add some vehicles in future, but I'm in no hurry to do so as of yet.

In 2017 I only purchased a few models (but quite a lot of bits for my Harlequins, among other things). One of these was a Skathach Wraighknight with Deathshroud Cannons. Rather than building an entire Wraithknight from scratch again, I've opted to make the upper body of my existing Wraithknight removable. I am currently assembling the torso of the Skathach, along with magnetised arms with the Deathshroud Cannons. At some later date I may decide to add Inferno Cannons as well to cover all of the wargear options.

After a long break from painting, I picked up my brushes again and completed my second Shadow Spectre in November 2017. I was pleased that I was able to recreate the pale grey of the armour on the first model and I've mixed up enough to (hopefully) finish the rest of the squad now. The other models have been progressed but aren't yet finished, with the exception of Irillyth; my first fully painted Phoenix Lord, whom I finished painting in early January 2018.
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