2016 stats:

Miniatures purchased:  2
Miniatures assembled & undercoated:  49
Miniatures painted & completed:   0

2015 stats:

Miniatures purchased:  23
Miniatures assembled & undercoated:  47
Miniatures painted & completed:   5

2014 stats:

Miniatures purchased:  27
Miniatures assembled & undercoated:  25
Miniatures painted & completed:    6

2013 stats:

Miniatures purchased:  30
Miniatures assembled & undercoated:  57
Miniatures painted & completed:    8
Games won:   2
Games drawn:   0
Games lost:   1


Welcome to my Eldar website, which showcases my collection of extensively converted Eldar miniatures for Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 tabletop wargame. In this site you'll find loads of pictures of my conversions as well as information on how they have been put together and other resources that you may find useful.

This is the homepage of the site; check here for information about updates to the site and other news. You can browse to the other parts of the site using the menu bar above.
Prince Yriel rune
Fuegan and lots of undercoating - 17/08/16
I've decided to abandon my conversion of Eldrad Ulthran, now that a new plastic kit has arrived (which is very exciting!). I've also finished my conversion of Fuegan. I'd attempted a conversion before but ultimately wasn't happy with it so started again from scratch. Also, with some excellent weather a few weeks ago I was finally able to undercoat a large number of models. Some of these had been waiting several months, so I'm really pleased to have these ready to paint now.

These are some of the models that I've undercoated - I've uploaded new pictures for them as well:
I've also undercoated thirty Guardian Defenders, two Heavy Weapon Platforms and a Support Weapon crewman, but I haven't had time to photograph these yet! In other news, I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of Jes Goodwin's Eldar Sketchbook recently:
Eldar sketchbook
This is a fantastic resource and I will be poring over it for further inspiration for some time to come, I'm sure. I'd urge all Eldar collectors to head down to their local store on its anniversary to get a copy. It is not comprehensive (no Dark Eldar, Harlequins, Titans, Warp Spiders, Shining Spears or Battlefleet Gothic ships, to name a few omissions). But there is still a lot of stuff in there and it is well worth the 30 asking price.
Eldar Wave Serpent rune
Large site update - 27/05/16
After several months of occasional attention, I have finally finished assembling my three Wave Serpents. These required a lot of gap-filling, especially around the resin components. I'm very pleased to have these done at last!

I've made progress on a number of other things as well. I decided to complete the turret from my abandoned Eagle as a standalone turret for a Farseer Falcon; this is now ready to be painted. Another abandoned project for an alternative design of Night Spinner turret has also been completed and I now intend to paint this at some point as well. Before the updated, combined plastic Fire Prism/Night Spinner turret was released a few years back, I had planned to make some Fire Prims turrets using the Type II Falcon upgrade kits from Forge World. I still really like the classic Fire Prism turret design, so I decided to make one of these for a further bit of variety in my collection.

I've added photos of a selection of my 30 Guardian Defenders, which are waiting to be undercoated. I've also added a new Autarch and Prince Yriel to my collection. The flying base for the Pegasus is nearly complete and the scenic base for my Wraithsinger is ready for undercoating.

Lastly, I'm currently working on a kitbash project that I'd been mulling for a few years; this will probably serve as the last major modelling project for the collection (until I think of something else, of course....). It will be added to the site in the fullness of time - watch this space.
Eldar Avatar rune
Brief update - 23/02/16
I have been steadily working on assembling three Wave Serpents, having acquired the (now extremely rare) Forge World Type II conversion kits necessary to assemble them to my liking. Unfortunately, progressing work on my Eldar collection has had to take a necessary backseat recently due to work and family commitments. This is likely to mean that there won't be many updates on the site over the next few months, though I will be able to respond to comments and e-mails. I'm still very keen to get the Pegasus painted in 2016 and to assemble the last remaining models awaiting my attention, but this will have to wait for the time being.

I'm now entering the "final" stages of assembling and undercoating my collection. I have 30 Guardians (not yet added to the site), 10 Jetbikes and a Phoenix Lord (Jain Zar) that are awaiting undercoating. In terms of remaining models needing assembly, I have some Harlequins, an Autarch, a Crimson Hunter (this will be magnetised so it can be fielded as an Exarch as well), Prince Yriel, Eldard Ulthran and a conversion of Fuegan to complete. That's then basically my entire collection ready for painting (in theory). Sounds simple enough! I'm sure I'll continue to add the occasional new model, but it will be nice to have finally reached a stage where I've cleared my backlog of partially-assembled kits and can focus more on painting. I also have some vague ideas about sculpting some unique models from scratch, but that's a bit of a pipedream right now!
Eldar Shadow Spectre rune
First Shadow Spectre painted - 02/11/15
After much experimentation and several late evenings, I'm delighted to announce that I've finished painting my first Shadow Spectre. The colour scheme has turned out better than I'd expected and I'm delighted with the results. The rest of the squad, their Exarch and their Phoenix Lord are paritually painted and I hope to finish them before the end of the year.
Eldar Falcon rune
First Falcon painted, Jetbikes assembled - 16/10/15
The first of my three Falcons has now been painted. This has also enabled me to update the Warp Hunter page, since the different weapon options based on the Falcon chassis are magnetised and interchangeable.

Furthermore, after several weeks of steady progress, I have finished assembling all of my jetbikes; six Windrider Jetbikes, three Warlock Skyrunners and a converted Farseer Skyrunner. I've been waiting for these new jetbike models for years, ever since I saw the prototype model at Games Day 2007 and they are fantastic models.

I'm now painting my Shadow Spectres, along with their Exarch and Phoenix Lord. I'm very excited about the colour scheme that I've picked for them and they're progressing nicely. I should have photos of the completed miniatures up on the site within the next few weeks.
Eldar Hemlock Wraithfighter rune
Hemlock Wraithfighter completed - 26/08/15
I've finished painting the detailed scenic base for the Hemlock Wraithfighter, which means that the whole project is now totally finished. I've also assembled and undercoated my fourth and final squad of Wraithguard/Wraithblades - these are armed with D-scythes.
Eldar Pegasus rune
Pegasus and other miniatures undercoated - 29/07/15
The fantastic weather has meant that I have recently been able to undercoat a number of my assembled projects. First and foremost, the Pegasus is now undercoated and I'm extremely pleased with the result, with very few imperfections or transitions between different components visible. I've also undercoated the Lynx (and its scenic base), the base for the Falcon (which in fact has also been painted), my Dark Reapers and their Exarch, my three new Farseers, my Vypers, my Communication array objective marker/scenery and my solitary Vaul's Wrath Support Battery platform, which I've not displayed on the site before. Some scenic bases, magnetised weapons and 11 pilots are ready for painting now too.
Eldar Vyper rune
Vypers assembled - 07/07/15
My pair of converted Vypers are now assembled and waiting to be undercoated. I've also assembled a further two Farseers, completed the base for the Lynx and one of my Falcons and finally finished my conversion of the Phoenix Lord Jain Zar.

I've nearly, nearly finished painting my first Falcon now and I can't wait to get some photos of that on the site. I'm also working on assembling my last five Wraithguard, so that I have all four weapon loadouts represented in my collection. Thanks to birthday gifts and some additional purchases, I now have all of the remaining models (barring two more Type II Wave Serpents, which are annoyingly no longer available from Forge World) that I want to add to my army, which is quite something:
Eldar additions
Obviously there are a few units conspicuous by their absence, but I'm electing not to include these for various reasons (not least because I have to stop buying more stuff at some point): Of course, all of the above is subject to change at a moment's notice, but for now I'm very happy with the collection that I've amassed and I have enough new models to assemble for at least a year or two. I'm focusing more and more on getting things painted, which is an even slower process. It's ultimately rewarding though and I'd love to have enough miniatures painted to be able to field a completely painted force for a game someday soon.
Eldar Pegasus rune
Pegasus assembly complete - 12/06/15
I completed assembly of the Pegasus on 11th June 2015; over four years after I first started to work on it. I will now focus on painting it and completing its two scenic bases. As part of the flying base I'm including a removable a statue of Asuryan and his winged steed, which can also be used as a standalone piece of scenery or an objective marker.

Whilst I've mostly been focusing on the Pegasus, I've also progressed a number of other small projects. I've altered one of my Shadowseers, replacing the Harlequin's Kiss arm with one holding a Neuro-disruptor due to the changes to the permitted wargear in the new Harlequin codex; I've finished assembling my Dark Reapers and their Exarch and I've put together a female Farseer using the plastic kit from the previous codex release. I've also progressed the assembly of my pair of converted Vypers and continued to work on painting my first Falcon, which is nearly finished now.

The excellent weather over the Easter weekend allowed me to undercoat a whole load of models that I finished assembling and converting. This includes my Rangers, Alaitoc Pathfinders, Illic Nightspear, the base for the Hemlock Wraithfighter, Striking Scorpions, Striking Scorpion Exarchs and the Wraithsinger.

The new Craftworld Eldar releases look fantastic - I can't wait to add some Windrider Jetbikes to my collection after waiting so long for them to be released! My collection is now approaching its final composition - there are only a handful of unit types left that I want to include and with the vast majority of my stuff assembled and undercoated (and some even painted), things are going nicely.
Eldar Pegasus rune
Pegasus progress and more - 02/04/15
The Pegasus has been receiving some long-overdue attention. I've come up with a colour scheme for it that I'm happy with, I've started painting some of the component pieces and it has some new weapon options too. Ideas are beginning to come together for the interior detail and I've been working on various bits of gap-filling and other finishing touches on the exterior. I've also finalised the rune for it (see above left).

The only model that I've bought this year (so far...) is a Lynx armed with a Sonic Lance. It's a great kit and I've been meaning to add one to the collection for a while now. I've made some progress with it alongside my work on the Pegasus and expect to have it fully assembled soon. I won't be magnetising the main gun as I don't have a Pulsar to swap the Sonic Lance for (though the secondary weapon mount is magnetised).

I've now finished painting my magnetised Warp Hunter cannon; more pictures will follow once I've finished painting one of my Falcon hulls to go with it.

I plan to add some of the new Harlequin models at some point this year, but I'll likely "limit" myself to one of each of the three new character models and a single Starweaver and box of Troupers. The Skyweavers and Voidweaver don't really appeal and I don't want to add too many Troupers when I already have a couple of dozen. Further Starweavers down the line might be a possibility but I already have so much to paint, I don't want to make things unnecessarily harder.... The new Craftworld Eldar models that are in the pipeline are very tempting. I've been holding off buying jetbikes for years; ever since I saw the prototype at Games Day 2007 and talked to Jes about them.
Eldar Illic Nightspear rune
Ranger & Pathfinder squads assembled - 11/03/15
It's taken a while, but my Ranger and Alaitoc Pathfinder squads are now fully assembled, with 10 squad members in each. I've also finished the scenic base for Illic Nightspear, which marks another batch of models ready to be undercoated. The weather is starting to improve now, so hopefully it won't be too long before I can get outside and break out the spray paints.

I've reorganised the Eldar runes & symbols guide, breaking it down into further sub-categories to make it easier to browse. The various new Harlequin runes are now included as well.

Right now I'm working on assembling a Forge World Lynx with Sonic Lance (pictures to follow), whilst on my painting table is one of my Falcons and the magnetised Warp Hunter gun. Once those are complete, I intend to turn my attention back to the centrepiece of my collection, the Pegasus, and finally complete its assembly, ready for some ambitious (and time-consuming) painting. Watch this space!
Eldar War Walkers rune
New Ranger, Pathfinder & War Walker photos - 11/02/15
My War Walkers have had some attention - I've changed the way that the magnetised weapons attach to them, so they now use the same weapons as the Falcons etc. and look a bit more like the Wasp Assault Walkers from Forge World (which are nice models, but I don't have any plans to add them to my collection).

I've added photos of the additional conversions that I've completed so far for my Ranger and Alaitoc Pathfinder squads, which are both nearly at full fighting strength of 10 per squad.

I've been downsizing my collection a bit of late. I've decided to stop working on my alternative Night Spinner turret and the War Walker squadron commander. Neither of these really fit in with the rest of the army now. If anybody would like to purchase them, please e-mail me and I'll consider offers for them.

I am planning a substantial update and overhaul of the Eldar runes & symbols guide once I've got a copy of the Harlequin codex, so watch this space.
Eldar Harlequins rune
Death Jester conversion added - 05/02/15
Well, my New Year's pledge to myself not to buy anything except new miniatures was timely, what with the new Harlequin models coming out of nowhere! The new Harlequins look great - I plan to add a Solitaire, two boxes of Troupers (to round out the ranks of my current Harlequin squads) and a third Death Jester and Shadowseer. Personally I'm delighted that the new models match the existing designs perfectly, as they've aged well and don't need re-inventing for the sake of it. I'll be mixing and matching parts from the plastic kits with leftover metal bits to provide increased variety. I'm a little bit undecided about the Sky Weavers and Star Weavers at the moment; if I do decide to add them, then I'll probably change a few details. However if the Harlequin army list has the option to field Falcons, then I will be sorely tempted to convert one, with lots of Harlequin-related runes and designs modelled onto the hull in Green Stuff....

In anticipation of the new miniatures, I've been working on a Death Jester conversion, which is now virtually complete. I've also added some new photos of the scenic base for Illic Nightspear, which is nearly finished now. The Death Jester conversion has been distracting me from my current project, which is to finish the last members of my Ranger and Alaitoc Pathfinder squads, taking both up to a total of 10. That's proceeding well, with only a few left to finish now.
Eldar Mymeara rune
First Hornet painted, more Striking Scorpions assembled - 22/01/15
I'm delighted to present my first fully-painted Hornet, complete with Pulse Lasers and scenic base. Obviously there are a lot of other weapon options that I've yet to paint as well! This is my first grav tank and I'm hoping to follow this up with one of my three Falcon hulls and my Warp Hunter turret.

I've also finished assembling the remainder of my Striking Scorpion squad and the last two (of four) Striking Scorpion Exarchs, so now I can field a full squad and choose from all of the available Exarch wargear options. The scenic base for my Hemlock Wraithfighter is ready for undercoating as well. I undercoat my miniatures outside, so I'm waiting for better weather before I can get these new additions (and my four Autarchs) sprayed and get my "miniatures assembled & undercoated" count for 2015 off to a flying start!

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to restrict my purchases to new releases. Although I want to add Warp Spiders, Swooping Hawks, Jetbikes and Shining Spears to my collection at some point, I'm waiting for new models to be released. I'd also ideally like two more Type II Wave Serpents and a Lynx from Forge World, but otherwise I'm considering my collection to be virtually complete at this point (a Cobra is too similar to a Scorpion to jusify the cost; the Phantom, Revenant and Vampire are too large for me to store and very expensive). Instead I'm focusing on assembling and painting the models that I already own. Although I did buy a fair few miniatures last year, I also made great progress with my models and the vast majority of my collection is assembled and undercoated now. With a bit of luck, expect to see the following in the coming months: I hope that you all have a great year and thank you for continuing to follow my little site - I hope it provides you with some ideas and you find my projects interesting.
Eldar Autarch rune
Completed Autarchs & first Striking Scorpion painted - 05/11/14
I've been working on several smaller projects recently and I'm happy to say that I've finished converting and assembling all four of my Autarchs, which have been at various stages of completion for some time now. They probably won't be undercoated until the spring, now that the weather has turned cold and wet and I imagine they'll be joined by a number of other assembled miniatures that I plan to complete through the winter months.

One of the other things I've assembled is a piece of scenery in the form of a communications array. I have plans for a few other bits and pieces like this too. I'm also making progress on the detailed scenic base for my Hemlock Wraithfighter and I've made some changes to my conversion of Eldrad Ulthran to give him more presence compared to the other Farseer models.

More excitingly, I've painted my first Striking Scorpion. The colour scheme is a little different from what I'd originally planned but I'm happier with the end result. My current aim is to paint a single test miniature for each type of infantry, vehicle etc. I'm not sure what I will paint next but I'd love to get one of the beautiful Hornets finished, so that might be my next goal.
Eldar Bonesinger rune
Panel lines tutorial video uploaded - 10/10/14
I've finally made a start on my working with plasticard guide, which contains a brief overview of some of the techniques that I use. There's also an embedded YouTube video showing how I make the panel lines that so many people have been asking about. I hope the article and the video are inforamtive, I will try to add some more detail in future but really these techniques aren't difficult, so there's not a huge amount else to add! The best thing to do is buy some plasticard and experiment with it.
Eldar Fire Dragon rune
Fire Dragon test miniature painted - 07/10/14
I've finished painting my first Fire Dragon and I'm pleased with the results. The molten metal on the wreckage on the base has turned out better than I'd hoped (though it did take a couple of attempts to get it right). This is an important painting milestone for me, as these colours and techniques will prove useful when I get around to painting the Avatar. I've also started to photograph my completed miniatures against a dark background as it gives a truer representation of the colours - I have gone back and replaced the existing photographs of my finished miniatures with new ones too.

After a lengthy construction, my converted Wraithknight has been undercoated and is ready for painting (barring some minor gap filling and tidying up).

I've decided to focus entirely on converting and painting now - I've not played a game of 40K this year and I've not picked up the 7th edition rules yet either. I may dip my toes into gaming again at some point, but for now I'm happy to let GW mess around with 40K without worrying unduly about how it affects the Eldar on the table (or the game in its entirety). They keep telling us that they're just a miniatures company after all.....
Eldar Vyper rune
Pegasus and Wraithknight updates, Vypers added - 24/09/14
I've been working on my two large centrepiece projects for the past few months, as I really want to get them completed. I'm pleased to report that the Wraithknight is now ready to be undercoated after applying some final finishing touches to it.

The Pegasus has received a lot of my attention, although the photos don't really reflect that. I've spent a lot of time cleaning it up, neatening areas, filling gaps and correcting small problems and imperfections. One half of the scratchbuilt anti-grav vanes are now finished - I'm really happy with how they've turned out, but they have taken a long time to finish (and I'm still only halfway overall....). The interior is still a work-in-progress and I've spent/wasted a reasonable amount of time on some ideas for it that ultimately didn't work out. Happily, I'm now closer to finalising my ideas, as this is the last major part of the vehicle that needs my attention. I've also decided that the removable upper hull will be glued in place eventually. The interior will still be visible through the magnetised rear access hatch; although this is more limited than being able to take the roof off and look inside, I feel that the gap around the removable roof distracts from the surrounding panel lines and spoils the look of the exterior, which is arguably the more important (and most visible) part of the design. The interior will be fully detailed and painted first and I'll take some close-up photos of it before I stick the roof down though.

I've added a new page for a pair of Vypers that I'm converting using the Dark Eldar Venom as a base. This project has been on my to-do list ever since the Venom was released.
Eldar Warlock rune
Large site update - 26/06/14
I've been steadily working on several projects for the past few months and have now reached the point where they are all undercoated and ready for painting. I've also tidied up the project logs throughout the site so that they should now better reflect the current state of my collection.

My conversion of the Phoenix Lord Baharroth has been reworked and Asurmen and Irillyth are complete too. Jain Zar and Fuegan remain the only unfinished Phoenix Lords (I have started a new conversion of Fuegan after I was dissatisfied with my first effort). My interpretation of the Mymearan Farseer Bel-Annath is finally finished following the addition of some detailed sculpting. I've also added a new page for Illic Nightspear and his converted scenic base. I've updated the photos of my Warlocks and split them into two project pages - one for those armed with witchblades (including a new, extensive conversion of one miniature) and one for those with singing spears. I've converted a third Harlequin Troupe Master, as well as another four Harlequins and a further four Harlequins with Harlequin's Kisses. Several of my Howling Banshees have been re-based and that squad is now fully undercoated and ready for painting as well. I've replaced the photos of my Guardians - I will be assembling more of these as I recently discovered that I have enough spare parts for at least another couple of dozen, plus two more heavy weapon platforms.

The last change to my infantry is also an important milestone - the completion of my first squad of 10 Dire Avengers. I have a second squad of 10 to paint (and the Exarchs), but I'm still really pleased to have finished my first squad.

I've made progress on my vehicles too. The first of my three Falcon hulls is now waiting to be painted, I've undercoated my Hornet squadron and the Warp Hunter turret. The Fire Prism turrets have also been updated - the crystals are now a deep purple to match the canopies and I think that the effect looks quite striking.

With a 3-month old baby, I'm counting myself extremely lucky that I've been able to continue to work on my collection, although finding time to paint is tricky. I'm happy to report that the vast majority of my collection is now assembled and undercoated. I still have quite a few things that require more work, but it's looking like a much more manageable number now. I'm starting to think that maybe, just maybe, this will someday all be painted as well! I'm not rushing to buy the new 7th edition rulebook just yet though as I'm ambivalent about some of the changes and the direction of the game in general. In the meantime I'll continue to enjoy assembling and painting my miniatures.

The next update to the site won't be for some time, but it should be worth the wait when it arrives....
Eldar Craftworld Mymeara rune
Photos of the Wraithknight fully assembled, Scorpion undercoated - 26/04/14
It's taken me almost 4 years to get to this point, but my Scorpion superheavy grav tank is now undercoated and ready to be painted. Several more vehicles will be undercoated soon and I'm working on colour schemes for many of the Craftworld units.

With work on my conversion of the Wraithknight nearly complete, I have assembled it to see what it will look like. The custom warp vanes have turned out better than I could have hoped and give it a suitably imposing silhouette. I will be able to undercoat the many component pieces soon - painting it will have to wait until I have created a template for it and experimented with some colour schemes in Photoshop.
Eldar Hemlock Wraithfighter rune
Hemlock Wraithfighter completed - 28/03/14
My first Eldar vehicle has been completed - the Hemlock Wraithfighter. I am really pleased with the colour scheme and the subtle conversion to change the angle of the wings has given it a much more aggressive profile. I am working on a scenic base for it and hope to have that painted soon as well.
Eldar Wraithknight rune
More Wraithknight photos - 10/03/14
Some more photos of the Wraithknight have been uploaded, including a work-in-progress image of the scenic base.
Eldar Wraithknight rune
The Wraithknight takes its first steps - 06/03/14
The Wraithknight can now be assembled (but still breaks down into component pieces, for ease of painting). This has allowed me to finalise its pose and get an idea of how it will look when it's finished.
Eldar Wraithknight rune
Big Wraithknight project update - 22/02/14
The Wraithknight is progressing well. All of the arms are assembled, the first set of warp vanes is coming together, I've added a scratchbuilt Green Stuff tabard with raised runes and there's a little surprise bit of detailing lurking inside its chest....
Eldar Spiritseer rune
Archiving old projects - 06/02/14
I've decided to stop working on several older Eldar projects, which have been relocated to this page for posterity. Sometimes I lose enthusiasm for a project; sometimes they just don't ever seem to quite work somehow. Rest assured, the Pegasus will never fall into that category! I'm just working out how to do the interior, with various ideas that I want to consider.

I've also updated the Eldar runes and symbols guide.
Eldar Wraithknight rune
Wraithknight project update - 10/01/14
Work on the Wraithknight continues - I'm making steady progress with it and its starting to come together. The four sets of warp vanes will require a lot of work and I may end up making one set and having the others cast from resin so that they all match. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it!
Eldar Wraithguard rune
Wraith updates - 18/12/13
New paint scheme templates have been added for the four varieties of Wraithguard/Wraithblades. I have assembled a squad of Wraithblades with Ghostswords and purchased my fourth (and final) box so I can put together a squad of Wraithguard with D-scythes. Although I could theoretically expand each squad to a full complement of 10, I think 20 Wraithguard is plenty and I have each of the codex options covered. The Hemlock Wraithfighter has been assembled, with just the scenic base and Mindshock Pod left to put together. I plan to paint this soon and I've already painted the dorsal fin separately and applied transfers to it.

I have also finally purchased a Wraithknight and I've been working on this project a lot in the past few weeks. There is still a lot of work to do, but my progress is good so far. Due to the amount of changes that I'm planning, most of the major components in the upper body require some converting. The legs will need less work.
Eldar Guardian rune
Craftworld colour scheme finalised - 14/10/13
I have completed my eighth miniature - the Heavy Weapons Platform for my Guardian Defenders. Although it's not a particularly special miniature, it's an important milestone for me as it's the first thing that I've painted in Craftworld colours. My collection centres around Eldar from the Mymeara craftworld, but rather than a primarily turquoise palette, I've created a different colour scheme based around mostly white areas with two shades of blue. Most of the gemstones and spiritstones will be a deep red.

I'm really pleased with how it's turned out and the vibrancy of the white especially. I had originally planned to use snow and ice bases, but I've opted instead for grasslands and I'm surprised at how well the colours work together. Obviously the Eldar aren't camouflaged in the least, but I'm more interested in bold, vibrant colours than anything realistic. I hope that you like the colours - the design of the Heavy Weapons Platform means that I can easily extrapolate the colour scheme to Support Weapon Platforms, Hornets, Falcons and even the superheavy Scorpion and Pegasus. I am also going to make extensive (but not excessive) use of transfers - each Aspect will have their rune on their right kneepad and the vehicles will have a variety of warning emblems and Mymeara iconography. Any banner designs will probably be created with a mixture of transfers and possibly some freehand work.
Eldar Hemlock Wraithfighter rune
Website changes, Disqus, new projects and first completed miniatures! - 01/10/13
I've reorganised the website - all of my Eldar collection is now in a single section, reflecting my decision to simply it. The Harlequins and Outcasts are now found under the single "Eldar" section above. I have removed some older projects that I am no longer pursuing and have either sold or ditched because I wasn't happy with how they turned out.

I have added several projects that I've been working on for a while - a squadron of Hornets, a Hemlock Wraithfighter (with re-angled wings), Wraithblades with Ghostaxes, Wraithguard with Wraithcannons and a Spiritseer. I've also put up a placeholder page for a planned Wraithknight conversion too, which shows my concept for the redesign. I now have four Autarchs too; two of which are female and one has Shadow Spectre equipment. After a lot of work and some trial-and-error, I have now finished seven of my twenty Dire Avengers; they have been painted, had transfers applied, been varnished and based. This is a major milestone for me! I have also finalised my modified Craftworld Mymeara colour scheme, which I will reveal soon.

In a major change, I've added a Disqus comments section to most of the site. I considered importing all of the site content onto a hosted blog platform, but ultimately that was far too much work and would mean sacrificing a lot of the site's design and features. I hope that you find the comments section useful and I welcome your feedback and questions about my work.

My most recent commission, an Eldar Corsair Void Dreamer, has been added to the site. Lastly, due to personal circumstances (read: imminent parenthood) I have to announce that I am no longer accepting commissions for conversion projects, though I will continue to work on my personal collection and I'm always happy to offer advice to other hobbyists.
Female Eldar Dire Avenger rune
Female Eldar miniatures added - 31/07/13
I have converted several miniatures in my collection to better represent the gender equality in the Eldar forces. This is a unique feature of the Eldar race in the Warhammer 40,000 universe (where women are woefully under-represented, or absent entirely), though it is poorly reflected in the Eldar miniatures that are currently available. To that end, I have converted a female Dire Avenger Exarch, Fire Dragon and Striking Scorpion (and a male Howling Banshee). I also have a female Farseer conversion in the works and the Spiritseer pilot of my Hemlock Wraithfighter will be a woman as well. I am however still a long way off being able to reflect the statement in the new codex that Eldar Aspect Warriors "are equally likely to be male or female".

My first painted miniature, a Dire Avenger, is now nearly finished and the other 9 members of the squad are next in line. I've also (mostly) finished painting my first Fire Dragon.

I've managed to make some good progress on several older projects too, in my ongoing quest to actually complete things. Eldrad Ulthran is nearly complete (barring some work on the base), my 5th Wraithlord is now ready to be painted and my Striking Scorpion Wraithlord conversion is assembled. I've also put together a shiny new Wraithseer from Forge World.

I've added a stats counter to the frontpage (see right) to track my progress and (hopefully) act as a motivator to continue to complete projects and get things painted. I'll only consider a miniature painted/completed when it has had transfers applied, been varnished and based, so currently I'm still on zero!
Eldar Wraithsinger rune
Updated Wraithsinger photos - 04/06/13
The Wraithsinger is virtually complete now, with just the base left to do. I've been working hard on multiple projects lately; the new Eldar releases have been a good excuse to try and finish more of my existing collection. I've even picked up a paintbrush for a second time and almost completed my first Dire Avenger (photos to follow). Overall, I'm pleased with the new Eldar kits, although the absence of new jetbikes is ridiculous, the repackaging of the Dire Avengers ("5 for the price of 10! Buy now! Beat the rush!") nothing more than shameless greed and the Wraithknight has a lot of design issues. Still, it's a good time to be an Eldar collector. The Eldar runes and symbols guide has also been updated with some of the new designs and substantially reorganised.
Eldar Wraithsinger rune
The Wraithsinger - 24/04/13
This project has been receiving most of my attention recently. The Wraithsinger is a wraith construct that is taller even than a Wraithlord. It has been animated by the soul of a powerful Bonesinger and its design deliberately takes several cues from that miniature. I hope that you like it. I am awaiting with anticipation (and some trepidation) the release of the new Eldar codex and miniatures, which are rumoured to be arriving in June. If the new miniatures are well-designed and interesting to me, I will probably buy them, but I anticipate that this will be my last big Eldar purchase for the foreseeable future.
Eldar rune
"GW fatigue" & the future of this site - 22/03/13
Games Workshop as a company have been making a series of disappointing and harmful decisions over the past few years, which have becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. I find myself now in a position where I no longer feel comfortable supporting them as a company. I have no immediate plans to purchase any more GW miniatures (and the rumoured Eldar codex is going to have to be very special indeed to even come close to justifying the standard codex RRP of 30).

I will complete the Pegasus some day. In fact, I hope to eventually have all of my collection completed and painted. I anticipate that this will take a long time (probably years) to achieve, so this site will continue to be updated periodically with my progress. I should also mention that I have several projects that I have yet to publish, which will be uploaded soon - a Hornet squadron, Wraithseer and a Wraithsinger (that is *not* a typo, and it is one of my favourite conversions to date), as well as additional squad members for several units.

Listed below are the questionable decisions that GW have made that have led me to this decision. If you too are suffering from "GW fatigue", the only thing you can do is vote with your wallet, as GW certainly isn't listening to our voices.
* NB - possibly the most sensible decision GW has made recently was to allow the not-for-profit Lord Inquisitor movie to continue. It was a no-brainer of course, since it is probably the most faithful recreation of GW IP ever seen, costs them nothing and looks awesome; but that hasn't stopped GW from cutting off its nose to spite its face before.

I hope that GW is able to reinvent itself and starting caring about its customers again, but right now all I can see is a lack of honesty and transparency, coupled with extreme short-shortsightedness and greed. My personal feeling is that most of these decisions have been made because GW is a publicly-traded company and they are desperately afraid of doing anything that might upset their shareholders. I wouldn't be surprised to see a large drop in the share price over the next few years, unless GW makes some root-and-branch changes.
Eldar Shadow Spectres rune
Huge projects update - 09/01/13
It's been a while since I updated the site, but I've been very busy in the meantime. My collection is becoming more refined now and I'm completing more and more of my unfinished conversions. In a shocking development, I've even picked up a paintbrush and started painting my Dire Avengers! I've only basecoated one miniature (and started on 9 others), but it's a start at least and I'm pleased with the early results.

I've now split my Eldar Harlequins into two squads - standard Harlequins and those armed with Harlequin's Kisses. I've added pages for several new additions too - a squad of Dark Reapers and their Exarch, a converted Phoenix bomber, the first of three planned Warp Hunter turrets and a squad of the beautiful Shadow Spectres. There are also new photos of my War Walkers squadron and an update for my Farseer. I've updated my Pegasus project log and the Apocalypse datasheet, with rules, background and a technical diagram of the Pegasus, is now online too.

In preparation for a large Apocalypse battle, I've been working flat-out to assemble Irillyth; the Shadow Spectre Phoenix Lord. I've also completed conversions of all of the other Phoenix Lords - Asurmen, Karandras, Jain Zar, Fuegan, Baharroth and Maugan Ra. I've also made conversions of the Farseers Eldrad Ulthran and Bel-Annath, the warlike Farseer of Mymeara - currently the only Eldar Farseer with access to the Pyromancy discipline of psychic powers. Lastly, I've added the remaining runes from Imperial Armour 11: The Doom of Mymeara to my Eldar runes and symbols guide. There are lots of other minor changes and updates throughout the site.
Eldar Bonesinger rune
New photos and runes - 17/08/12
The Eldar runes and symbols guide has been updated with around 40 of the cursive runes seen in the background of the pages of Imperial Armour 11: The Doom of Mymeara. I will add the remaining 20 or so runes soon. New photos of my Fire Prism turrets have been added too, as well as a new photo of my first undercoated Pathfinder. My converted Shadowseer has been re-armed with a Harlequin's Kiss and I've also designed and sculpted a new scenic base for my Avatar, which looks much, much better than my first attempt and really finishes the miniature off well.

I've also started playing games with my collection, now that a new edition of the rules has landed and levelled the playing field a bit. My last game prior to this was back in the days of 2nd edition, so a lot has changed since then. I've played three games so far, of which I've lost two and won one. A nice side-effect of this is that I am motivated to get models undercoated so that I can actually use them, which means that I'm much more likely to get some things actually finished! It does also mean that I've started to add some more units to my collection to fill gaps in my army list, but I am committed to converting and undercoating them quickly to get them on the tabletop (without sacrificing my attention to detail). Expect to see more Harlequins, Rangers/Pathfinders, a squad of Dark Reapers and the start of a 2nd scratchbuilt Nightwing in the near future...
Eldar Avatar rune
Site relaunch and huge content update - 27/06/12
As you can see, I've finally finished the redesign of the site. In the end, integrating a comments section or migrating the existing site content to a blog platform would have been very difficult and time-consuming, so just consider this site a blog with the comments disabled! The site has been expanded considerably in terms of content, though it (and my collection) is now more tightly focused on the Craftworld Eldar. By focusing my attention, I intend to actually finish some conversions and get some stuff painted. I will soon be adding a new conversion guide detailing techniques for working with plasticard, but in the meantime I've added a new section on Eldar runes and symbols and made my personal Eldar paint scheme templates available for download too.

My (supposedly) last major conversion project, the Pegasus, continues to go well. I aim to have it fully built (though almost certainly not painted) in time for the 2013 Forge World Open Day. In the meantime, I've been revisiting some of my Phoenix Lord conversions in order to make them fit in better with the modern styling (and scale) of the Eldar miniatures. To that end, I've done some additional conversion work on Asurmen, Jain Zar and Fuegan (and I've also started a brand new conversion of Karandras, which I will add soon). My Striking Scorpion Exarch Wraithlord is progressing well, I've almost completed my second Fire Prism turret (of three) and I've also started converting a squad of Pathfinders. Finally, I'm also working on a new Autarch conversion, which I'm very pleased with indeed. Most excitingly, I've actually begun undercoating some of my collection, which obviously paves the way for actually painting at some point in the slightly-less-distant-than-before future! I'm experimenting with paint schemes for my Craftworld at the moment, though I do know that the miniatures will mostly be on snow-themed bases.

That's all for now - this site will continue to be regularly updated with my progress, so do please keep visiting.
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