2021 stats:

Purchased:  8
Assembled & undercoated:  0
Painted & completed:   8

2020 stats:

Purchased:  22
Assembled & undercoated:  8
Painted & completed:   10

2019 stats:

Purchased:  9
Assembled & undercoated:  12
Painted & completed:   1


Welcome to my Eldar website, which showcases my collection of extensively converted Eldar miniatures for Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 tabletop wargame. In this site you'll find loads of pictures of my conversions as well as information on how they have been put together and other resources that you may find useful.

This is the homepage of the site; check here for information about updates to the site and other news. You can browse to the other parts of the site using the menu bar above.
Eldar Craftworld Miruaun rune
Battlefleet Gothic Transports completed - 22/06/21
As planned, I recently finished painting the last four of my five Battlefleet Gothic Transports. This takes the total number of painted ships in the fleet up to nine.
Eldar Dark Reaper Rune
First Dark Reaper model painted - 14/06/21
My Battlefleet Gothic Transports aren't quite finished, but I have painted my first Dark Reaper. The colour scheme has turned out nicely; it's my first attempt at a (nearly) monochrome palette, with only a few blue and silver details (and the earth colours of the base) to add colour.
Eldar Support Weapon Rune
Vaul's Wrath Support Weapon platform & crew completed - 31/05/21
As I had planned at the outset of the year, I have now finished painting my Vaul's Wrath support weapon platform. I first started painting it in February 2014, so it's been a long time coming. I'm also relieved that I only have one in my collection. I had to paint it in four sub-assemblies; for such a small thing, it is very detailed and fiddly. I definitely don't feel the need to paint another one!

Continuing my plans for 2021, I will now move on to completing the paintjobs on my remaining four Battlefleet Gothic Transports. These are fairly well progressed already so I'm hopeful that I'll have them done in the next week or two.
Eldar Morai-Heg rune
Howling Banshee shrine scenery element completed - 25/05/21
I recently finished painting a scenery element; a small shrine to the goddess Morai-Heg.
Eldar Craftworld Miruaun rune
New Battlefleet Gothic ships added - 12/05/21
With a few recent additions to my collection, I now have at least one of each of the released Battlefleet Gothic ship designs for the Corsair and Craftworld fleets. At this point I don't envisage adding any further duplicates, but I may look at converting or even scratchbuilding some new designs.

The new models are a (rare, genuine) Forge World Haven Spire, four Shadow Hunters, three Hemlock Destroyers and three Hellebore Frigates. I had previously purchased some metal recasts of the rare Aurora and Solaris light cruisers, but the quality was so poor that I ditched them in favour of keeping a hopeful watch on eBay. Fortunately my patience was rewarded and I was able to secure one of each in resin; the casts are substantially superior (though not without their defects; par for the course with resin) and I'm fairly confident that these are genuine. They're certainly good enough to work with, so I'm happy to carry on with these versions now.

I haven't had very much time to paint recently, but I'm hoping to change that soon and get some more models finished.
Eldar Harlequin Solitaire rune
Objectives for 2021 - 27/02/21
Having achieved a major hobby milestone last year by finally completing the Pegasus, I am setting myself some new objectives for 2021.

Firstly, I am starting a Harlequin "renovation" project. A number of my Harlequin models were spoiled by a bad application of spray undercoat, leaving them with a grainy texture that will not look good when painted. These models will be carefully scrubbed and lightly sanded to remove as much of this as possible (stripping and re-undercoating isn't really an option, since so many of them have Green Stuff sculpting that would likely be damaged in the process). I am also going to re-base all of the Harlequin character models (Solitaire, Troupe Masters, Death Jesters and Shadowseers) on 40mm bases to match the rest of my Craftworld models. I have purchased some 3D-printed 25mm-to-40mm base extenders for this task. As part of this project, I am also going to paint my first Harlequin (and yes, I do intend to attempt the notoriously fiddly diamond pattern). If that turns out well, then I hope to do a few more over the course of the year. I am planning to paint them as the Masque of the Midnight Sorrow as theirs is my favourite Harlequin colour scheme.

I am also in the process of painting my Vaul's Wrath support weapon and crew. I started painting this model years ago but didn't get far with it. Now I am determined to finish it.

I'm making slow progress on the Revenant Titan, but I am a long way off being able to actually assemble it. I've added a project page for my Phoenix bomber, which I purchased back in March last year. I don't expect to have the Revenant assembled this year, but I think I should be able to get the Phoenix done.

I have managed to secure the extremely rare Haven Spire space station for my Battlefleet Gothic fleet, which I am really excited about. Additionally, I plan to finish painting the remaining four of my Transports (having finished the first last year) and start on the remaining BFG models. They are relatively quick to paint, so I'm hopeful that I will be able to get the majority of the fleet painted this year.
Eldar Wraithsinger rune
Wraithsinger painted, Pegasus featured in White Dwarf - 24/12/20
The Pegasus, my scratchbuilt superheavy grav tank, was featured in the December 2020 issue of White Dwarf (issue 459). It has been a life-long ambition of mine to have my models appear in the magazine, so I was delighted to see it receive a full page.

I also finished painting my Wraithsinger conversion; a deceased Bonesinger whose spirit has been summoned from the infinity circuit to inhabit a Wraith construct. This is some of my best painting work to date and I'm really pleased with how it has turned out, despite being extremely fiddly to paint due to the banners and tabard.

I have also been doing some drawings of some Aspect Warriors; I plan to add an art section to the site in due course with my Eldar-themed artwork.

I hope that 2021 is a better year for all of us, but I'm pleased to have got as many of my models finished as I have done this year - not least the Pegasus! I have four more Battlefleet Gothic Transports that are nearly finished and I am already thinking about the next 40K model to paint too. Have a great Christmas everyone (as much as is possible right now at any rate) and I'll continue to update the site through 2021 with my progress.
Eldar Craftworld Miruaun rune
Shadow cruiser and transport painted - 29/09/20
I recently finished painting another couple of Battlefleet Gothic models; this time my Shadow cruiser and the first of my five transports. I have abandoned attempts to salvage a pair of (poorly) recast Aurora and Solaris cruisers and I am now looking for genuine versions to replace them. I am also working on painting the remaining four transports and my Wraithsinger, so I hope to have more updates on the site soon.
Eldar Craftworld Miruaun rune
2nd and 3rd Nightshade Destroyers finished - 25/05/20
Continuing my Battlefleet Gothic drive, I've now painted all three of my Nightshade Destroyers. I've also added new project pages for several other work-in-progress vessels; the Dragonship, Wraithship and Phoenix ship.
Eldar Craftworld Miruaun rune
Nightshade Destroyer painted - 30/04/20
I've painted my first Battlefleet Gothic model - one of my Nightshade Destroyers. This didn't take too long to paint (relatively speaking), so I'm hopeful that I can paint more of the BFG models in the coming weeks.
Eldar Warlock rune
Warlock Skyrunner painted - 23/04/20
I'm continuing to paint regularly and the latest model to go under the brush is the first of my three Warlock Skyrunners. This model has also served as a test of my planned jetbike colour scheme, which I'll use on my other jetbike-riding models in the future.

Early photos of my work on the Eldar Transports for my growing Battlefleet Gothic fleet are up on the site now and I've just taken delivery of several more rare models that will be added in due course.
Eldar Howling Banshees rune
Plastic Howling Banshees added, Warlock painted - 09/04/20
I'm working on my collection regularly at the moment and making good progress on a number of projects. The release of the new, plastic Howling Banshees followed the example of the re-release of the Harlequins - the same classic, timeless designs but updated with more dynamic poses. That means that the new models fit in very nicely with the older ones amd I've added four more Howling Banshees and a third Exarch. Having previously decided on their colour scheme and completed a test miniature, I am keen to paint the rest now and have already undercoated the new additions.

I recently finished painting my very first Warlock in my Craftworld Miruaun colours and he's turned out very nicely; the non-metallic-metal effect on his red witchblade especially.

Some more Battlefleet Gothic vessels will be added to the site soon, as I've managed to secure some of the rare Eldar Transport models from Forge World that are (sadly) long out-of-production. Some early work-in-progress photos of my work on the Void Stalker have been added and I've undercoated my custom Nimbus cruiser.
Eldar Night Spinner rune
Fire Prism/Night Spinner turret completed - 26/03/20
I recently finished painting one of my two converted Fire Prism/Night Spinner turrets. I'm regularly picking up my paintbrushes at the moment, so I hope that I'll have more painted models added to the site over the coming weeks.

I've also purchased a Forge World Phoenix bomber, which I'll magnetise and do some minor conversion work on.
Eldar Revenant Titan rune
Revenant Titan project log added - 11/03/20
I picked up a Revenant Titan with Sonic Lances last year and I have been slowly working through the preparation of the multitude of components. Being a resin kit, it has a lot of mould imperfections that need fixing. I am doing some subtle conversion work on it as well, to make the design a little bit more modern in places. It's a lovely kit - I have no idea where I am going to store or display it when it is finished, but I'm enjoying working on it.

My small Battlefleet Gothic fleet has been bolstered by the addition of a new class of cruiser, the Nimbus, which I converted using a Shadow cruiser. I'm also working on a Void Stalker but don't have photos of that to share just yet.

Lastly, I've ordered a set of the new plastic Howling Banshess, to supplement my existing metal ones. I don't know when I'll assemble them, but I'll add photos when I do.
Eldar Pegasus rune
The Pegasus, completed! - 27/02/20
I'd hoped to finish it in 2019, so it's a little later than planned, but here it is - the Pegasus, in all her completed glory. The project was finally completed late on 21st February 2020, meaning that from start to finish it took 9 years, 1 month and 12 days. There were times when I didn't think I would ever get it finished and long stretches when it didn't progress at all. In that time my wife and I have had two children and moved house three times! I am delighted to be able to present it now as a finished piece and I'm already excitedly contemplating which models to paint next.

Thank you to everyone that has shown an interest in the project over the years and has offered their words of encouragement and support. It is humbling to know that there are other Eldar collectors that have been inspired by it and I hope that this site continues to provide ideas and inspiration.
Craftworld Miruaun rune
Progress update - 06/01/20
Updates on the site were a little sparse in the latter half of last year, owing to real-life demands on my time (studying for professional exams, among other things. However, I have continued to work on painting the scenic base for the Pegasus - although I perhaps predictably missed my goal of finishing it in 2019, there isn't very much left to do now, so it will be finished soon.... Honest!

I've picked up a Void Stalker for my small Battlefleet Gothic collection and I've started converting a new "Corona" class cruiser as well (photos to be added in due course). I'm not sure yet if I will add the new plastic Jain Zar to my collection, as I'm still pretty happy with my conversion of the classic model. I'll probably add some of the plastic Howling Banshees as the designs are nearly-identical to the models they replaced (which is a huge plus, in my book).

I hope that you continue to enjoy visting the site in 2020 and that your own Eldar collections continue to grow and develop.
Howling Banshee rune
Howling Banshee painted - 12/09/19
The scenic base for the Pegasus is now fully assembled, undercoated and ready to be painted. This is the last part of the project to be completed before I can unveil the model in its entirety; I am determined to have this finished in 2019!

I've decided on a colour scheme for my War Walkers (and may decide to paint all three of these after the Pegasus is done) and also painted my first Howling Banshee; I'm looking forward to adding a squad of the new plastic ones that were announced recently. Ellaria Starfarer (my conversion of Amallyn Shadowguide) has now been undercoated, as have my final two Falcons.
Eldar Craftworld Miruaun rune
Interview with Wargamer Online - 30/05/19
A little while back, I was invited to do an interview with Wargamer Online, primarily around the development and construction of the Pegasus. That video is now online and can be viewed here. I hope that you find my ramblings interesting! I am hoping to do a follow-up once the Pegasus is completed. I still can't quite believe it, but I recently finished painting the model itself, however I want to finish the scenic base before I consider the whole project complete, so I'm aiming to progress that next.
Eldar Craftworld Miruaun rune
New Miruaun transfers - 30/04/19
I recently took delivery of a sheet of custom transfers that I'd designed, which were printed by Railtec transfers. These have enabled me to update several of my painted models with runes for my new craftworld and I'm delighted with the results. The sheet is shown below - there are black and white versions of all six variants of Miruaun's rune.
Custom Eldar transfer sheet
You can see the transfers in situ in some new photos of my painted Hemlock Wraithfighter, Hornet and Falcon. The designs were created as vector artwork using Adobe Illustrator. In addition to the Miruaun rune designs, I also had some runes printed for the Pegasus and I've applied one of them to the upper hull already.

After several iterations, I've finally settled on a colour scheme for my Howling Banshees that should tie in well with my craftworld colour scheme whilst retaining traditional colours associated with the Aspect.
Eldar Revenant Titan with pulsars rune
Pegasus update, new model purchase - 09/03/19
I've been considering purchasing a titan for a while now. I'd originally thought about a Phantom, but decided that ultimately it is just too large for me to store or display at home, and it might overshadow the Pegasus as the centrepiece of my collection. I instead opted for a Revenant Titan; a kit that I've admired for a long time. It is a little bit lacking in detail compared to the newer Phantom, so I will be adding some additional panel lines and a tabard to personalise it. There's no project page for it yet, as I've not started work on it in earnest. I am very happy with the purchase and expect that this will keep my occupied for many months once the Pegasus is completed; something that is looking increasingly likely with each passing week. The painting is really coming along now and the scenic base is taking shape.
Eldar Craftworld Miruaun rune
Runes & symbols guide updated - 01/03/19
I have added some new symbols to the runes & symbols guide. The new additions are from the unique transfer sheet that shipped with Stormcloud Attack: The Eldritch & The Beast.

Progress on the painting of the Pegasus continues apace. The pilot and cockpit are finished and the upper hull is nearly done too. The underside still needs a lot of work though.
Eldar Craftworld Miruaun rune
Introducing Craftworld Miruaun - 20/02/19
For some time now I've been contemplating moving away from identifying my Eldar as Craftworld Mymeara. I considered switching to Iybraesil, since my colour scheme has a lot in common with that Craftworld's, but ultimately I decided to create my own instead - Miruaun. I'm happy with this decision as my colour scheme is quite a departure from the standard Mymeara scheme of blue/green with predominantly black helmets. The background for Mymeara is also a bit of a muddle to me; it's not clear how the Craftworld could believe it was the sole surviving bastion of the Eldar race for so long, especially having been visited by Irillyth (who was taught by Asurmen), the extensive nature of the webway and the Eternal Matrix that connects all Craftworld infinity circuits. This belief is a defining aspect of their character in the background material that has been written so far, so I prefer instead to write my own background for an entirely new Craftworld, and have done so - you can read some more about Craftworld Miruaun and see the variants of its rune here.

To this end, I've updated a few projects that featured the Mymeara rune, requiring some minor re-sculpting on the banner of this Autarch and the tabard on the Wraithknight. I am working on designing a sheet of custom transfers in Adobe Illustrator, which I'll use to further customise my vehicles. My conversion of Mymearan Farseer Bel-Annath is now a Miruanian Farseer with a similarly militaristic background. I'll be choosing names for many of my models to further personalise my collection.

I'm continuing to paint the Pegasus and another major milestone has been reached; the interior is fully painted and the upper hull permanently glued in place. Work on the outside of the model is progressing well and the scenic base is coming together. I am getting increasingly confident that I will be able to completely finish the project in 2019.
Eldar Spiritseer rune
"Wake the Dead" Spiritseer & new Ranger added, Pegasus updated - 27/01/19
I've assembled and undercoated my second Spiritseer, which is currently exclusive to the "Wake the Dead" boxed game (I got mine separately via eBay). I've also undercoated my two Gyrinxes, recent Warlock conversion and some parts of the Skathach Wraithknight, which is now nearly finished after I made some progress on the breastplate.

There are a number of odd design choices with the new Amallyn Shadowguide model (a female Ranger, currently exclusive to the "Blackstone Fortress" Warhammer Quest boxed game). I spent some time correcting them and I'm much happier with her now. I've named my version of this model Ellaria Starfarer; she will be painted in my Craftworld colours.

Some significant progress has been made on the scenic base for the Pegasus. The base has been through about 3 or 4 different iterations over the years, but I'm finally happy with the size and design. I'd originally planned to make two bases - one for it in flight and the other with it hovering near the ground. I've instead elected to have a single base, with the Pegasus swooping down to land. Painting of the model stalled a bit over the past couple of months, but I've picked up my brushes again and I hope to get the model completely finished this year. I started the project back on 9th January 2011, so it recently turned 8 years old.
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