2024 stats:

Purchased:    7
Assembled & undercoated:    0
Painted & completed:    1

2023 stats:

Purchased:    1
Assembled:    5
Painted & completed:    7

2022 stats:

Purchased:  27
Assembled & undercoated:  10
Painted & completed:    7


Welcome to my Eldar website, which showcases my collection of extensively converted Eldar miniatures for Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 tabletop wargame. In this site you'll find loads of pictures of my conversions as well as information on how they have been put together and other resources that you may find useful.

This is the homepage of the site; check here for information about updates to the site and other news. You can browse to the other parts of the site using the menu bar above.
Eldar Bonesinger rune
Second Bonesinger miniature painted - 12/07/24
I'm pleased to have finished painting my second Bonesinger (actually the first Bonesinger that I purchased, way back in 2007). This is probably my most accomplished paintjob to date, with some more advanced blending on the cloak and scenic base. I'd hoped to have painted more models by this point in 2024, but other things keep getting in the way. Still, I'm committed to continuing to work my steadily through the huge number of unpainted models in my collection, especially when the results are so satisfying.
Eldar Dark Reapers rune
Second Dark Reaper squad assembled & Battlefleet Gothic ships painted - 01/01/24
I have finished assembling my second squad of Dark Reapers, using the new plastic kit. I took the opportunity to sculpt some more feminine armour for some of the squad members and the Exarch. I have also finished painting four more Battlefleet Gothic ships - three Aconite frigates and a converted cruiser that I've named the Nimbus class.

I was also very fortunate to secure a metal recast of an extremely rare Warlock sculpt by Shane Hoyle, which I've made a few modifications to. You can see the results at the end of this page.

2023 was a bit of a slow year for painting and assembling models (I didn't manage to undercoat anything), but I'm hoping to do more in 2024. I am looking forward to adding a 5-person squad of the new, plastic Striking Scorpions and I'm keen to see if the rumours of plastic Warp Spiders pan out.
Eldar Dark Reapers rune
First Dark Reaper squad painted - 16/05/23
I finally got around to finishing the last three Dark Reapers in my first squad (I have a second squad currently being assembled, using the new plastic kit). I also took the opportunity to improve the highlights and some details on the first model in the squad to give them a consistent finish. I'm pleased to have completed the squad and I like the colour scheme, which complements the Miruaun colour scheme well.

I'm now deciding on what model(s) to paint next, whilst also working on some scenic bases and magnetised weapon options in the meantime.
Eldar Craftworld Miruaun rune
A look back at 2022 - 25/01/23
So I didn't quite manage to paint 10 models in 2022, but I did finish the Dark Reaper Exarch on New Year's Eve, bringing my total for the year to 7. I have three more Dark Reapers that are nearly fully painted and I hope to have them finished soon. I also recently finished assembly, conversion work and undercoating of all of my Warlocks; I now have four with Singing Spears and nine with Witchblades. Work on these models took most of the year and required a lot of Green Stuff Sculpting; I'm glad to have them done and I was pleased to be able to include three female Warlocks after settling on a design for the rune armour.

I've also undercoated my conversion of the plastic Jain Zar model and made some changes to my fifth Autarch.

All in all, 2022 was a pretty good year and I was pleased to see improvements in my painting. In 2023 I want to finish the remedial work on my Harlequins (fixing some gritty undercoat) and paint one of them (diamonds included). I'd also like to make some more progress on my Revenant Titan and assemble some of the new plastic kits (Storm Guardians, Rangers and Dark Reapers) that I bought in 2022.

Enjoy 2023 and I hope that my models continue to provide some ideas and inspiration for other Eldar collectors out there.
Eldar Farseer rune
Second Gyrinx painted - 05/10/22
Hot on the heels of my first Gyrinx, the second has now been finished. I went with a snowy white coat this time, with pink nose, ears and pads with green eyes. I'm still contemplating options for the final Gyrinx; I want something typically feline but there are a lot of classic cat poses to choose from (though not all of them are necessarily achievable with my sculpting ability).
Eldar Farseer rune
Gyrinx conversion painted - 23/09/22
I'm delighted to present my first painted Gyrinx; this is a model that I've wanted to paint for a long time, but I couldn't decide on a colour scheme for it. In the end, I went with complementary turquoise and purple, with gold for the collar and jewellery. It's turned out really nicely and I particularly wanted to perfect the eyes and expression. I should have a second one painted soon in different colours, with a third currently awaiting assembly/conversion (I'm currently undecided on its pose). In my opinion, the plastic Gyrinx was the best thing to come out of the Ynnari model release - it's great to see such a classic part of the WH40K universe so beautifully realised and updated from the original metal version.

With this model finished, I've reached 5 models painted so far this year. For the past two years I've managed 10 models, so I'm hoping to equal that again this year and continue that trend if possible.
Eldar Autarch rune
First Autarch painted & new Warlock conversions added - 24/08/22
I've painted the first of my Autarchs; the first model to be completed using some new brushes and a wet palette, which have made a real difference to my painting. This model was also heavily converted using parts from a variety of kits and some sculpting, so it's great to see how well the parts blend together now that it is painted. I also experimented with a bit of freehand; this came out better than I'd expected, so I'll aim to do more of this on future models.

Last year I had hoped to make some progress on fixing some issues with my Harlequins, but I didn't make much progress. Now I've finally got around to re-basing all of my character models on 40mm bases and they look much better for it. Especially this tall, top-heavy Shadowseer and my heavily converted Death Jester.

I've been working a lot on my Warlocks too; with the release of the first ever plastic Warlock kit (on foot at least), I have revisited my existing collection of classic models. I've added two new plastic models and have a further two in progress. I decided to get rid of a couple of the older sculpts that I have never been that keen on and converted a couple too. As a result, I now have several female Warlocks (I am disappointed that Games Workshop didn't provide any in the new plastic kit, which was a missed opportunity); some armed with Witchblades and some with Singing Spears.

I've also updated the runes & symbols guide with some runes from the recent releases such as the Corsair Voidscarred.
Eldar Howling Banshees rune
Final Shadow Spectres painted & new Jain Zar conversion - 12/05/22
In February I finished painting the last of my Shadow Spectres. This was an immensely satisfying achievement; my first fully-painted Aspect (squad, Exarch and Phoenix Lord) and in a colour scheme that I'm particularly proud of.

I have also been working on a new conversion of Jain Zar, based on the recent plastic model. This version supersedes my first attempt, which I was happy with at the time (and was a vast improvement over the top-heavy and ungainly model that it was based on) but ultimately looks a bit dated compared to the newer one.

I've purchased some of the new plastic models from the recent large refresh of the Eldar range and I'll add photos of these to the site in due course. For the most part I really like the new models, but I don't plan on adding all of them to my collection. I have no plans to add the plastic Avatar for instance; I remain very proud of my conversion of the classic metal model and whilst it is a lot smaller than the newer kit, I much prefer the pose (perhaps the shard of Kaela Mensha Khaine that came to rest at the core of craftworld Miruaun was just a bit on the small side). Having looked at the sprues of the new kit, it would take a lot of work and resculpting to replicate and there are some design elements of the new model that I'm not very keen on.

I am continuing the process of updating the site in the background, which includes uploading new, higher-resolution photos for my project pages and fixing the positioning of the pop-up tags. This is labour-intensive, but I'm making progress. I'm also working on another update to the runes & symbols guide but it's not quite ready yet.
Eldar Shadow Spectres rune
Phoenix Bomber and Shadow Spectre painted - 22/12/21
I'm pleased to report that I recently finished painting the Phoenix Bomber; it took longer than expected, but I'm glad to have it done and I'm happy with the results. I've also painted the third Shadow Spectre in the squad; the remaining three are partway through painting as well.

There's been an update to the runes & symbols guide; thank you to those that have alerted me to new runes that have appeared on transfer sheets and new model releases. I still have a number of other runes that are waiting to be added to the guide and I am undecided how best to add the complex runes for Phantom Titans (these vary depending on the Titan's armament and also have many variations in design).

Since this is likely to be the final site update of 2021, I wish you all a happy festive season and look forward to seeing what new releases await Eldar collectors in 2022!
Eldar Craftworld Miruaun rune
Major site update, new purchases and other progress - 10/11/21
Since more than half of my visitors are now browsing the site using mobile devices, I've updated the design so that it displays properly and rescales accordingly. As part of this work, I've had to temporarily disable the "tags" that display on some of my work-in-progress photos. These give additional insight into my processes, but their positions were hard-coded and don't adjust when the photos are scaled. I am working to convert them to a percentage-based coordinate system but this is a manual process and will take some time to achieve.

A long time ago, I drew up a list of models that I'd not added to my collection, along with various reasons why I hadn't (and didn't intend to). Most of those reasons are still valid (for example I'm still waiting for new Warp Spiders, Shining Spears and Swooping Hawks in plastic). However as Forge World continues to drop more and more Xenos models from its range, I decided that there were a couple of models that I'd be disappointed to miss out on owning.

Foremost of these is the Phantom Titan. It is huge; I have no idea if I will get around to building it (or where I'd store/display it if/when I do), but it is a beautiful model that I've admired ever since I met Will Hayes and saw the prototype at the Forge World Open Day back in 2010. The other model is the Type II Cobra (no project page for this yet as it's barely out of the box) - whilst very similar to the Type II Scorpion, which I already own (and is actually my favourite Eldar model), it is a distinct design in its own right. With these large models added to my collection, I have enough "big" projects to keep me busy for many years to come.

I have also made progress on a number of other projects recently. The Phoenix Bomber is now fully assembled, undercoated and partway through painting. I've also undercoated the scenic base for my Lynx and I'm working on constructing the base for my Panther conversion. Lastly, I've undercoated several Battlefleet Gothic models - the huge Void Stalker and my three Hemlock Destroyers. All of these models need new Pulsars fitting, but I'm planning to have those 3D-printed at some point (several other models in the range will also have these updated parts fitted to them).
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